Watkins is Intriguing Possibility for Rams –PD

• By Jim Thomas

For the Rams and the wide receiver position, when is enough enough? The answer to that question Thursday will help shape the team’s 2014 draft, and really the short-term future of the organization.

Over the past two drafts, the Rams have invested heavily in the position. Four picks total have been expended on wide receivers in that span — one apiece in each of the first four rounds.

Last season, the Rams even traded up for West Virginia’s Tavon Austin in the first round, making him the first skill-position player taken in the 2013 draft (at No. 8 overall).

If Houston, as is now expected, takes South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney at No. 1, the Rams would have the opportunity to take the top wide receiver in the draft two years in a row.

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