Two Reports from the Rams Fan Event on May 7

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I had too much to do when I got home to do a full report, so I’ll throw out a few highlights of what happened . . .

In Jim Thomas’ column, he had an estimated 2000 people in attendance. I’d agree. The indoor facility was set classroom style (long tables with chairs facing the stage the length of the facility (about 80 yards long). It was warm in there and the music was blasting when you walked in. The event was catered by a local BBQ restaurant chain, and there was plenty of AB products there too. Rams representatives everywhere you looked – including Kevin Demoff who I had a brief conversation with at one point . . . more on that later.

The event opened with a rookie montage from last year, then Kara Henderson Sneed started the show and brought Les to the stage. The went back and forth about the draft day routine in the past, and that they would be holding a mock draft that evening with picks 1 – 13. The Texans were on the clock.

They then jumped to the topic of Bradford putting all this to rest. He showed several different clips of Sam’s ability to make throws (a number of throw types). Les then introduced Reggie Scott, the Rams trainer, who has been working with Sam since his surgery in November. He spoke for about 5 minutes showing video of Sam’s rehab. Baby steps up to him throwing out on the field that afternoon (to who I’m not sure, but more on that later). Then they showed an additional video of Sam’s highlights from last year and then brought him to the stage. He seemed like he was excited to be there and could not express his optimism enough and fully ready to go. Jeff Fisher came out on stage and joked about wearing a Rams #2 jersey, but decided against it. From all accounts, these guys are pushing all the chips to the middle on #8. It was then announced by the folks picking for Houston that they selected Mack from Buffalo. Jeff Fisher’s immediate response was “the phones have started ringing Les.” Since there were no trades, the Rams pick came in as Clowney. Sam asked why they did not consider an offensive lineman, an then Les added that Clowney played RB in high school. Fisher said “you’ll get more possessions Sam if we keep getting those three-and-outs from the defense. More chances to score.”

Sam left the stage and Kurt Warner came on via skype for about 5 – 10 minutes talking about his non-draft day experience, working out with the Packers . . . being cut. Calling 13 teams with only one of them calling him back and giving him a shot and how grateful he was for the opportunity.

Without getting into a ton of additional detail for the evening . . . there were other appearances by Roger Saffold, Jake Long and Tavaon Austin. I guess Tavon caught some passes form Sam on the practice field as he mentioned it during his interview. Torry Holt and Marshall Faulk joined by skype for other segments. There were the additional picks made – I did not keep track, sorry, and then the Rams pick at #13 came in as Zach Martin.

As I said earlier, I spoke with Kevin Demoff for a few minutes, and he is simply an awesome resource to have so approachable. I could not imagine John Shaw or Jay Zygmunt being amongst the people like he does. I thanked him for holding events like this, which he responded “keeps getting bigger every year.” I did not ask about uniform changes, but instead brought up the 30-for-30 featuring his dad in “Elway to Marino.” He said that his dad sometimes acts like a second GM to the team, He and Les reach out to him often just to bounce things off of him, but being 71, he’s not as active as he once was. He did make a mention of his dad keeping the journal of events that I forgot about from the show, and while he does not keep one himself, he thought it may be a good idea to start. I reminded him of his visit to our tailgate during the 2012 season. He responded “that was the Minnesota game, and we lost that day.” I totally forgot what game it was, but that he is always welcome to come out and join us. He said, “let’s see how you do for a preseason game this year, if I visit and they win, I’ll be back for the home opener.” Awesome!

Great night . . . and I can’t wait for the draft to get here. Cheers!


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The purpose I don’t know. . . to reinforce the message?. . . to reassure the fans?. . haven’t a clue.

First, Reggie Scott came out and discussed the injury to Sam. . . and the process of rehab. They also showed the new, and apparently very expensive treadmill Sam used in his rehab. It’s hard to describe, but envision a treadmill wired with a suspended inner tube. Sam is “in” the mechanism and it adjusts the weight of impact on the knee in percentage terms.

Fisher came out with his line of the week. . .”Sam is our man.” And continued on that tack. . .they also showed his highlights from last season. And some vids of his current workouts throwing to our receivers. . he looked pretty good. Which is easy with only two people on the field.

Then Sam came out to a standing ovation and gave the canned stuff how bad he felt on the sidelines and it was great to be back on the field with his teammates. Uada Yada Yada. He also noted that the injury period gave him some “perspective.” but I don’t know what that means.

A couple of OT notes. . .

They brought out Sam, Saffold, Jake Long and Austin.

I’ve stood next to Sam in shorts and a T (Sam. . I don’t wear shorts) in the past and he looked considerably more buff than I remember him.

And finally, I was within four feet of ESPN’s Josina Anderson. . It confirmed what what I’ve always said as to why she gets all the juicy breaking news.

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