RotoWorld’s Evan Silva Doubting Rams WR Tavon Austin

Evan Silva @evansilva 

1. Skeptical TA’s start-stop-restart game works in NFL. What NFL WRs are successsful with stop-restart game? Harvin & that’s pretty much it.

2. Austin isn’t Harvin. He’s 20 lbs lighter & doesn’t play with near the physicality of Harvin. PH is a physical tackle breaker. Austin isn’t.

3. Austin’s hands were big problem in Yr 1. Big issue for WR. I didn’t see this in 4 college football games I looked at, but others did mention pre-draft.

4. Austin’s strength, theoretically, is ability to create own space. Rarely did as rookie. What’s value of 5’8/176 WR who cant create space?

5. Austin isnt a vertical WR. He’s a contact-averse slot WR with shaky hands who needs space to operate. Many limitations for top-ten pick.

Sometimes great college football players aren’t great in NFL. I think Tavon can help Rams as package player. I don’t think he’ll meet top-10 expectations.

Ultimately, I think Austin is more Dexter McCluster than Percy Harvin.

For people saying ‘Let’s wait 3 years,’ I personally try to focus on prognostication more than hindsight analysis. This is my take after Yr 1.

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