Report From Rams Season Ticket Holder Luncheon with Kevin Demoff

Rams Season Ticket Holder Luncheon with Kevin Demoff

Reported by LetsGoRams

First of all, it’s a treat to be able to attend luncheons like that. It’s great to hear first hand what’s going on in the organization directly from Kevin.

1. Regarding Saffold – they are talking to his agent and talked to him at the Senior Bowl this week. He said that Saffold likes it here and wants to be here. He said that he really liked playing guard a lot more than he thought he would and thinks he can be a really good one. Rams agree. They are not going to franchise him (cost of around $10 mil) or transition tag him (cost of about $9 mil). They will offer him a fair contract and hope he decides to accept it. If his agent decides to shop him around as a ‘premier’ left tackle and gets an offer as one, he’s probably gone. From what I heard, it sounds like we’ll get something done with him at guard, which is great news.

2. Regarding the stadium / lease – no news there. I feel bad for Demoff because he has to be Stan’s mouthpiece and Stan doesn’t say anything. There are ongoing talks with CVC that are staying private. He said that fans shouldn’t worry about the lease expiring because it’s not a unique thing for a team to go year to year on leases. He mentioned both San Diego and Minnesota have been doing it for years. Oakland does it – mentioned others but can’t recall who. One thing that was interesting regarding the new stadium – is that no one really can decide what they want. He did a poll in the room. He asked who wanted an outdoor stadium and half the hands went up. He asked who wanted an indoor stadium and half of the hands went up. He asked if they wanted it in the city and half the hands went up, and then half went up when he asked who wanted it in the county. So 25% want a domed stadium in the city, 25% a domed stadium in the county. 25% want an outdoor stadium in the city and 25% want an outdoor stadium in the county. I thought that was interesting. I think what they would love is to have something similar to Lucas Oil over in Indy – one that could be built close to the convention center but with a lot of upgrades to the infrastructure where they can use the stadium for more than just 10 events a year, and more than just moto-cross, monster trucks, etc. They want final fours, bowl games, big concerts, etc. He said not to expect any news for about a year. But to me, it was pretty clear that they aren’t going to pump hundreds of millions into the dome to make it ‘Tier 1’ – but will build a new stadium at some point. Said it would hold around 61,000.

3. Upgrades to the dome include a new sound system and new and better food choices are coming this year. Better food at same or better prices is coming. Can’t remember any more updates.

4. Was asked about all of the other teams fans coming to the dome – he said what most of us have said – if we win and win consistently, our fans will fill the seats and not the other teams. Said that is their responsibility to put a winning product on the field to where the fans want to come.

5. For those of you who don’t know or don’t believe in the Rams commitment to STL and the community – Rams have been #1 in community outreach and philanthropic activities in the league the last 2 years running. Most of this stuff doesn’t get reported, but they are give more money, more time, more items, more food, more tickets than any other team in the league. Each Rams player donated on average 700 tickets to charity this year.

6. Said about half of the Rams players live here year round. Mostly the veterans. A lot of the young guys don’t. They will live in apartments from say April til end of December, then usually go to where it’s warm. Specifically mentioned Janoris Jenkins who trains down at this training center in Phoenix. Others train in Bradenton. Said who can blame a 22-23 year old – would you rather train in STL during the winter or in Phoenix or Bradenton. I agree.

7.. Regarding Sam – Rams are committed to him and think he has been dealt a tough hand (first few years with poor talent around him), then with the injury this year. As far as being committed long term, that was a bit iffy. They are going to draft a QB and develop him and see where they are in 2 years. They have him for 2 more under contract, then can franchise him, so they control Sam for 3 more years… We’ll see what happens, but I think they liked what they saw from him before he got hurt this year. Said in a 3 game stretch before he got hurt, he was the #2 rated passer in the league over those 3 weeks.

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