Rams Reap the Rewards of the 2012 RG3 Trade –WashPost

By Mark Maske

The final bill for their 2012 blockbuster trade for quarterback Robert Griffin III is about to come due for the Washington Redskins .

While the Redskins are scheduled to sit out Thursday night’s opening round of the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams have the second overall pick in what is being hailed as a talent-rich draft. The Rams possess that prized selection thanks to the trade in which they received a trio of first-round choices and a second-round pick from the Redskins, who increased the value of the deal’s last remaining draft choice by going 3-13 last year, in Griffin’s turbulent second NFL season.

The Rams thus far have transformed their draft-pick haul from the Griffin trade into seven players, including three promising starters on defense and a running back who was productive last season as a rookie. They could turn Thursday’s choice into a standout player or perhaps trade the pick to continue to try to stockpile talent. But it’s clear that while the draft choices that changed hands in the deal at last could be exhausted Thursday, it will be quite some time before a final evaluation of the trade can be made.

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