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Individual Cap Hits And Available Cap Space: February 27 – The Calm Before The Storm
By Ramfan

The new league year begins in 12 days. By March 11, all 32 NFL teams must be compliant with the league off season salary cap provisions. That day also marks the beginning of the free agent signing period. Part 9 – of a 10-part off season primer series – examines the Rams’ current salary cap situation, methods employed for creating salary cap space, and the feasibility of signing free agents this year.

It’s been all quiet on the Rams front over the last 8 weeks. The roster has remained static, and very little has transpired in the way of contract negotiations with existing players on the team. Over the next 2 weeks the Rams will be setting up their roster for both salary cap compliance and free agency. Don’t let the prevailing quietness fool you. It’s just the calm before the storm.


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