Playmaker’s Three Day Rams Camp Summary

Playmaker’s 3 Day Camp Recap

To me, the real Rams Training Camp begins today. It is the first day the entire team is in pads. Up until now it has been glorified Flag Football. We can officially welcome the Offensive and Defensive Lines to camp today. The first three days has been all about the QB’s, WR’s, TE’s, and DB’s. Today though we get to see how these QB’s do when there is pressure on them. Or how the new(er) look Offensive Line looks with actual contact.

Quick Recap of being there the first three days.

WR Tavon Austin needs to stop dancing at the Line of Scrimmage. He needs to get off the line and get into his breaks much quicker. He reminds me of the guy when you’re playing pick-up Basketball that does a bunch of fancy ball handling. You know, in between his legs, crossing over, etc….But then he can’t do anything off the dribble. Austin needs to realize this isn’t the Big XII and his QB does not have 5 seconds to wait for him. I know some will rip me on Austin. He is very exciting. And he has made some plays in practice and definitely looks like he has the tools to be a dynamic playmaker. All I am saying is he needs to stop dancing on the line of scrimmage. Make a move and get into your route. This is what Bruce and Holt did so well.

WR Stedman Bailey has been disappointing. Probably because his QB in practice is Kellen Clemens. But Bailey has done little to nothing so far. QB Kellen Clemens should be among the first players released. He looks lost.

The MVP’s thus far in the Rams Flag Football/7-on-7 Camp (Training Camp) has been WR Brian Quick and TE Jared Cook.Both catching everything thrown their way.

QB Sam Bradford has been outstanding thus far. But how will he look when he has defensive players in his face when the pass rush starts today? Stay tuned…

LB Alec Ogletree is so smooth. Like he is on Roller Blades out there. The fastest player on either side of the ball from point A to point B. Quick reactions to the ball too.

CB Janoris Jenkins has owned WR Chris Givens all camp. But Jenkins is having issues with Austin Pettis and Brian Quick who are bigger WR’s.

CB Trumaine Johnson has given WR Tavon Austin fits in 1-on-1 drills. Mostly because, as I stated above, Austin is trying to make too many moved off the line of scrimmage.

None of the Safeties have stood out to me. T.J. McDonald was moved into the first team Defense after day one and Rodney McLeod was demoted to second team. TE Jared Cook tore McDonald up in 1-on-1 Saturday.

The feel good story has been Lindenwood University and Kansas City native WR Andrew Helmick. To me he has outplayed every other WR not named Brian Quick.

TE Lance Kendricks has yet to practice due to offseason knee surgery. And he might end up losing his “move TE” H-Back/FB spot to second year TE Cory Harkey. Harkey has improved a lot on his pass catching skills from last years camp.

None of the RB’s have stood out to me. The separation likely begins today when they put on pads.

4th Round Pick CB Brandon McGee has been a pleasant surprise. Which is a good thing because the Rams are woefully thin at CB.

UDFA LB Ray Ray Armstrong looks very comfortable at OLB after playing Safety at “The U” Armstrong was one of the top Safety recruits in the nation coming out of High School in Sanford Florida. I could see the Rams drawing up some blitz schemes just for Armstrong.

I can tell you, in 1-on-1 (non-pads) Long is owning Quinn. But I saw in 11-on-11 Quinn getting by Long. One play Quinn ran right past Long and right past Pead who whiffed on the chip block.

I have coached in High School, have done some scouting on the high school level, and have friends that used to play in the NFL. So I look at practices a little different than your normal fans. I pick up on fundamental things that a lot of fans in attendance don’t. Like how slow Laurinaitis’ feet are compared to Ogletree and Dunbar. How Zac Stacy runs with his nose over his toes causing him to lose his balance. The Austin dancing on the LOS. I understand some people love the moves on the LOS. But when it doesn’t lead to you getting in your route sooner, what is the point?

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