5 Takeaways from the Rams 17-10 loss to the New York Giants

By Brendan Abban 

The Los Angeles Rams fell to the New York Giants 17-10 early on Sunday. The game took place in front of a raucous London crowd.

This game marks the Rams’ third straight loss and another down to the wire loss. The season appears to be getting away from the Rams after their initial 3-1 start. Especially with the Arizona Cardinals putting together a couple of wins to catch them in the division race.

Los Angeles is at a critical juncture of their season. Their season hardly gets any easier moving forward. This is a Rams team that has playoff aspirations, but their recent string of losses and their upcoming opponents make that goal seem difficult to reach.

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Is Todd Gurley Experiencing A Sophomore Slump?

By Sam McPherson

One of the more disappointing developments of the Rams’ first season back in Los Angeles this year has been the performance of running back Todd Gurley. After the team selected him 10th overall in the 2015 NFL Draft, Gurley didn’t disappoint as a rookie with this 4.8 yards-per-carry average and 10 touchdowns in only 13 games.

Fast forward to 2016, though, and it’s been a whole different story for the second-year back many experts believed would be the most dominant rusher in the league. Gurley is averaging just 3.0 yards per attempt this year through seven games, and he’s on pace for just 921 yards, which would be about 200 fewer yards than last season.

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Is Jeff Fisher taking a step toward putting Jared Goff on the field?

By Cameron DaSilva

Following an embarrassing loss to the New York Giants, the Rams had a long flight home to Los Angeles from across the pond in London. During that flight, the team had a lot of time to think about their future and their past deficiencies.

One position that almost certainly popped into Jeff Fisher’s mind is quarterback after watching Case Keenum throw four interceptions against the Giants, and seven in his last three games. Will Keenum’s terrible play of late lead Fisher to make a change at quarterback? Not right now, but he could be leaning that way in the coming weeks.

“I’ve not changed my mindset whatsoever with respect to Case and Jared,” Fisher said, via the team’s official site.

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Fact Checking Jeff Fisher: The Rams are Getting their Best WR Production Since 2007

by Sean Wilkinson 

After a demoralizing loss to the New York Giants in London where Case Keenum threw 4 costly interceptions, Jeff Fisher put on his #7and9Bullshit hat and said this:
Gregg Rosenthal ✔ @greggrosenthal
Fisher: I’ll make changes at receiver before I make a change at QB.



So your QB is ranked 27th in the NFL in QB Rating, has 10 interceptions to 8 touchdowns, TEN fumbles in 7 games, and his receivers are the problem? Yeah no.

Newsflash! The Rams WRs have actually been pretty good. We all know recent Rams production at WR by now but let’s rehash for old-times sake, shall we?

The last Rams WR to crack 700 yards in a season was Torry Holt way back in 2007. That season he had 1189 yards. Since then, many have gotten close but no one has pushed through 700 yards in the ensuing 8 NFL seasons.

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Rams: Where Are Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin?

Posted by Idothis4theluv

A decision has to be made and it goes deeper than a 3-4 record for the Los Angeles Rams. Jeff Fisher must make a move if he wishes to keep his supposedly two best offensive weapons happy and in a Rams uniform in the future.

I can’t fully place the Rams woes on the shoulders of QB Case Keenum, but I can throw the blame his way for the lack of production from two players. The Rams shelled out over $10M per season for Tavon Austin to produce like Antonio Brown. And what happened to last season’s ROY, Todd Gurley?

This is where the blame does fall on the shoulders of Fisher and Keenum. For starters, the money paid to Austin was downright stupid, to begin with. I know, they know, hell even Austin knows that he does not deserve that contract. In the Rams huddle he may something motivational, but when the ball is snapped he doesn’t produce like the high profIle WR’s he’s in the tax bracket with. This season he has 36 receptions for 299 yards and three touchdowns. Those numbers place him as the 3rd best receiver on the team but he’s the highest paid. But, why is there a surprise? These are the numbers he has put up for his career.

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Report: Jeff Fisher Officially on Hot Seat For Los Angeles Rams

by Dan Parzych15

With the Los Angeles Rams entering the bye week on a three game losing streak, it appears Jeff Fisher is officially on the hot seat.

At the beginning of the season, there were talks surrounding a possible extension for Jeff Fisher from the Los Angeles Rams, despite the head coach failing to record a winning season since joining the team in 2012.

While the verdict is still out on whether that will actually happen between Fisher and the Rams, it looks like the head coach will be facing plenty of pressure when the team returns from the bye in Week 9.

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Rams rookie QB Jared Goff will get more practice snaps, won’t start

By Alden Gonzalez

In case you were wondering, the answer is no.

“I have not changed my mind whatsoever,” Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher said during his media availability from the team’s practice facility in Thousand Oaks, California, late Monday afternoon.

Case Keenum, who ranks last in the NFL in Total QBR, will remain the starting quarterback. Jared Goff, the 2016 No. 1 overall pick the Rams moved up 14 spots to select, will remain the backup. Goff will receive additional reps over these next few days, but only as the natural byproduct of a bye week, Fisher said.

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