Rams Camp Report: Day 1–Wagoner

By Nick Wagoner

EARTH CITY, Mo. — A daily review of the highlights from St. Louis Rams training camp:

Quarterback Sam Bradford has been cleared to be a full participant in this camp and took the repetitions with the first-team offense Friday afternoon. Coach Jeff Fisher indicated that Bradford can do everything and actually embarrassed a few players he didn’t want to name in the team’s conditioning test. According to Fisher, Bradford might not do everything in camp and the preseason but they aren’t going to have any hesitation to use him and if they back him off it will be a decision made at the time because of soreness rather than a set schedule.

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Quick Leads Cast of Players to Watch as Rams Camp Opens –Balzer

By Howard Balzer
FOX Sports Midwest

Entering his third season, wide receiver Brian Quick must show he is ready for prime time.

ST. LOUIS — The reality is, as the Rams stage their first full-squad practice of the summer Friday afternoon, there aren’t many roster spots to be won in training camp. It’s possible to analyze the roster and likely identify, barring injury, more than 40 of the 53 players who will be around on Opening Day.

Still, those last spots contain intrigue as 11 draft choices look to make their mark, along with another group of undrafted free agents. Eight undrafted players from the last two years are currently in training camp, and many have been contributors.

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Jim Fadler’s Rams Training Camp Report: July 25

QB-Sam Bradford took all of the usual reps a #1 would take. He has a knee brace but it is smaller and less bulky than I expected. His movement seems okay and footwork was not compromised.

He had some really nice passes, one deep out to Britt in particular early on in 7 on 7. However on passes where the receiver ran from side to side and cleared when he came out of the middle Sam clearly had a lot of trouble with his timing and missed almost all of those. There were also two picks up the seam where it looked like he was expecting the receiver to break off and square in. It was either a mis read, not being on the same page or communication problem. What really bothered me on both is that first Bailey and then Givens failed to either fight back for the ball, adjust or make any kind of play on the ball.

The defense definitely looked ahead of the offense in shells.

Hill hit Emory Black a receiver out of Auburn that was both in camp last year and the practice squad on a really nice timing route early on in practice. To his credit he looks like he has a stronger arm than Clemons and is more patient in the pocket.

Gilbert has some footwork problems especially at the top of his drop, he tends to hop, and shuffle his feet and doesn’t transition smoothly into his release. But the ball does come out quickly and accurately and he has some zip. He apparently missed a read early in 7 on 7 and got chewed on pretty good by the QB coach Frank Cignetti.

Austin Davis seemed to have some promise as a rookie and has totally squandered it, very inaccurate and has gone from a #2 hopeful to camp fodder.

RB-They were in shells and its hard to get any kind of reading on them from that. Stacy was taking reps with the punt return unit and I doubt he stays there.

Tre Mason has quick feet in drills and a bit of a pop for his size

WR/TE-If I had to pick one standout it would be Britt with Quick a close second. I understand all the skepticism over Quick and I share but he stayed low on his cuts and didn’t present such an easy target and even caught a pass in traffic with hands waving all around him.

Quick and Britt went everywhere together, the Rams showed a package with Cook, Kendricks and Quick and Britt. I really hope that package works and prospers. Bailey and Givens both failed to fight back or even make an attempt on a pair of interceptions.

Harkey ran a nice route to the flat and Davis underthrew him badly early only to come right back to him and get a good catch.

Cook got a lot of one-one attention both before practice and after. They were lobbing him a tennis ball back and forth early and he had a coach in his pocket all day long.

Emory Blake flashed at times last year and did today as well.

A tight end named Justice Cunningham a 1st year player out of South Carolina got a lot of reps and was called out by the coaches several times, long dreads and some quicks over the middle. He only goes 258 but has some promise.

Oline-Scott Wells was in a ball cap and stayed on the sidelines most of the day. The Oline went to the sand pit at one point and Jake Long did take part in some of those drills.

I have never witnessed the Rams do this uphill drill where two linemen are pushed up a hill by one guy. I took several pictures of it and they did it right in front of me. The size and strength of those guys is incredible that close.

GRob took reps at LT in team drills but then toward the end of practice they shifted to the rookies battling one-one at the far end of the field. He moved inside and went against Aaron Donald. Donald whipped him badly on the first rep. I always want to see a kid learn from that and he did and countered very well and stymied Donald on the second.. I hope to see Donald take some reps at tackle in that drill tomorrow.

DLine-For the most part it is still wide 9 but they do bring down the DE on the strong side on some fronts and keep the weak side DE out wide.

They have the ability to really mess with itty bitty QB’s in Seattle with Carrington, Brockers, Conrath and even Hayes in the middle.

Except for the one time that Donald was stalemated by GRob he had his way with the camp fodder in the line drills. He even bull rushed Demetrius Rhaney out of Tennessee State at one point and shoved him all the way back to what would have been the QB

Linebackers-Ogletree had an exceptional play in 11 on 11 in pass defense undercutting route with a great drop and tipping it away. From what I have heard Gregg Williams loves above all others Alec Ogletree and TJ McDonald. I have been able to meet a couple of new Rams staffers and all are raving about Williams

DBacks-Brandon McGee had a great play early and then got ripped into later by Brandon Fisher when he blew a coverage, at least he did not look lost like last year.

I have hopes still for Matt Daniels and he looked really good in the special teams drills early on, numbers seem to stack against him though.

Maurice Alexander and Marcus Roberson look athletic and fluid. They are two I really want to see in pads.

Joyner back pedals like a corner and has flips his hips smoothly to pursue.

Special Teams-They have a camp punter named Bobby Cowan………

At some point Daren Bates did something to really pee pee off the coaches, it was away from me and I did not get a good look at it. I heard rather than saw that Britt was doing some jawing with the defense and some of the coaches…..which is all the better.

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Coach O’s Rams Training Camp Report: July 25

Camp Report 7/25/14

Players not participating: Ethan Westbrooks; Christian Bryant; Sammy Brown; Johnny Millard; Kadeem Jones.

William Hayes, Matt Daniels, Scott Wells and Jake Long participated in the unit drills, but did NOT participate in TEAM DRILLS

Offensive Line:
1st Unit:
Long Saffold Wells Joseph Barksdale (this was how they lined up during the unit drills)

2nd Unit: Washington Person Barnes Bond Hooey

3rd Unit: Van Dyk Washington Jones Morrell Dill

· In team drills, Saffold took reps at LT and then moved back to LG. Robinson started out at LG, then took reps at LT.

· Davin Joseph was a constant at RG with the 1st unit throughout practice.

Defensive Line:

1st Unit: Long Brockers Langford Quinn

2nd Unit: Sam Carrington Conrath Sims

3rd Unit: Sam Donald Harlan K. Brown


1st Unit: Ogletree Laurinatis Dunbar

2nd Unit: Steward Bates Armstrong

3rd Unit: L. Wilson Schiller Sabino

· Interesting to see Daren Bates lined up INSIDE with the 2nd Unit.

· Seems to have scrapped the Right/Left designation in favor of SLB/WLB. They were switching sides of formations adjusting to formation or motion from offense. Interesting enough, Ogletree was at SLB over TE. Dunbar back at WLB.

Defensive Backs:

1st Unit: Jenkins Johnson McDonald McLeod

2nd Unit: McGee Woodard/Joyner Davis Alexander

3rd Unit: Gaines Roberson/J. Bryant/Reid A. Cunningham Alexander

· Woodard and Joyner rotated reps at the CB position with the 2nd Unit; Greg Reid rotated in with both Roberson and J. Bryant on the opposite side of Gaines with the 3rd unit.***

· All defense in both 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 utilized the Base 4-3. No Nickel or Sub Packages.

· Interesting that Joyner was used on the outside at CB. Did not take any reps at Safety

Theme of the day: Knock of the Rust

· Overall, not a very crisp practice. Didn’t seem to have the same pace as previous years. Hope it picks up in the coming days.

o Bradford made some very nice throws, but overall, he seemed out of sinc at times. He participated in ALL the team stuff, and throughout the 11 on 11 team work, he was under constant pressure, stepping up or trying to avoid pressure, and he seemed tentative on the knee. Way too soon to be concerned, but it needs to be noted, that this is the first time he’s had a full work load with an 11 on 11 pass rush.

o Way too many false starts during the 11 on 11…. With G. Robinson guilty twice. (one each at LG & LT)

o Defense is definitely ahead of the offense at this point.

Special Teams:

Started practice with drill work on Kickoff Coverage

1st Unit:
Reynolds Jenkins Armstrong Bates Pead Zuerlein B. Cunningham Harkey McDonald C. Davis McGee

· There were only a handful of players (O-Line & D-Line) along with Cook Laurinaitis, Dunbar, Britt who did NOT participate in the ST drills. It was interesting to see Chris Givens running down to cover a KO.

· This was strictly working on lane integrity… No return guys line up fielding kick.

7 0n 7 & 11 on 11 Drills:


Bradford to Cook on first play of 7 0n 7 on a deep corner route (30 yards , beat McDonald.

Bradford to Quick on a crossing route, quick made a nice catch on a contested ball.

Bradford to Quick on a 18 yard comeback vs. Zone Coverage

Bradford to Britt on a nice sideline throw

Gilbert getting 2nd Unit reps (looks comfortable)

Davis to Pettis on deep throw. Pettis makes nice adjustment to a badly under thrown ball, beats Woodard.

Bradford to Cook on a quick hitch, Givens with a nice cut back block on Jenkins to spring Cook to the outside.

· Drew oohs and aaahs from Britt who started jawing at Jenkins. There is a “nice” rivalry brewing between Britt and the CBs.


Bradford throws first INT of training camp on deep seam route. EJ Gaines steps in front of Bailey, who seemed to stop on his route, giving Gaines a clear path to the INT

Bradford missed more throws than normal. Again, it’s VERY EARLY, but the rust is evident.

Austin Davis continues to look lost and inaccurate.

First fumble of training camp goes to Zac Stacy, on a missed exchange. He eventually fell on the loose ball, after “dribbling” it for a small gain.

Might qualify as both a highlight & Lowlight, but the d-line was in the backfield ALL day. As much as I stated that Bradford looked rusty, there weren’t many opportunities to throw the ball “on time”.


· Kenny Britt has assumed the “unofficial” leadership role of the WR group. Brian Quick was attached to his hip throughout practice.

· He was encouraging Givens after a great block on Jenkins

· TJ Moe looks like he can play

· Austin Franklin had a couple of nice catches in team drills

· Greg Williams is VOCAL

o He could be heard “coaching” Daren Bates not once, but twice, with the second time resulting in him being told to “get his ass off the field”

o Apparently GW’s approach is contagious…. Chuck Cecil (Secondary Coach) was heard “coaching” his Safeties after what was perceived to be a complete lack of communication in the secondary on back to back plays

· WR combinations: Austin and Bailey; Quick and Britt; Givens and Pettis

· They ran A LOT of 2 TE sets today. Most likely by design, as I mentioned earlier, defense played solely Base 4-3.

· Zuerline looks as strong as ever. He was kicking FGs of 50 yards + and clearing the spectator tents behind the field

Overall, it seemed like the players were having FUN for a change. Chris Long especially seemed to be enjoying being on the field almost as if to say…“it’s about time” We are gonna be GOOD”!!!!


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