Coach O’s Rams Training Camp Report: August 20

Camp Report 8/20/14

Did not Participate: B. Jones, Rhaney, S. Brown, Gaines, Dunbar, Schiller, McGee, Conrath

* Woodard participated in DB drills, no team drill
* Saffold was back and full participation
* Laurinaitis participated in LB drills, no team drills
* Person participated in Special Team (KO) drills, no team
* Wm Hayes participated in DL drills, still no team

Today’s Attire: Shoulder pads & shorts

Special Teams: Kickoff Return

1st Unit: Alexander Ogletree Armstrong Bates Reynolds C Davis Harkey Barnes Person B. Cunningham Givens
2nd Unit: Daniels Steward A. Hill Wilson Sabino Blake Bayer J. Cunningham Washington Watts Veltung
3rd Unit: A. Cunningham Millard Moe Harris A. Hill J. Bryant Bayer Sam Westbrooks Stacy Reid/Mason

Theme of the Day: Spirited and vocal Practice

* one of the more “vocal” practices. Lots of players talking and joking
* also seemed to be more encouraging words as guys made plays.
* much more contact. put the “thud” in a less than full contact practice
* the team just looks relaxed and starting to feel good about getting key players back

Unit Drills:

LB’s & Safeties: Working on recognition and drops (both zone and man coverages) under the watchful eye of Greg Williams
CBs: working on press techinique
TE’s & RB’s: Blitz Pickup A few highlights:

* B. Cunningham stuffs McDonald
* Kendricks handles Ogletree
* Cook stuffs Armstrong
* Mason whiffs on Ogletree
* Harkey tosses Johnson aside
* Bayer whiffs on Ogletree
* Reynolds misses Bates
* Stacy handles Armstrong

7 on 7:
* Laurinaitis with the 1st unit, Armstrong in for Dunbar
* Steward with nice INT of Hill pass on seam route
* Bradford and Cook hook up a couple of times
* Emory Blake turns an ankle … returns later
* Bailey and Austin get primary 1st unit reps.
* Quick and Britt limited

11 on 11:

Saffold is back!
* Took 1st reps at LEFT GUARD
* Robinson took 2nd Units reps
* pretty physical lots of thumping, pads popping

* Pocket collapsed on one play, and Bradford got caught up in some physical play, looked to get stepped on

* C. Davis closes on out route to Quick ,and hits him…. Quick shaken up, and doesn’t return. Stayed on sideline the rest of practice. Seemed to favor his ribs.

* during one drill with offense backed up near its own goal line, defense was in Nickel Package, and there was some confusion getting lined up. Greg Williams can be heard clearly yelling at Alexander, saying “get them lined up, its YOUR FAULT”

* Practice ended with “dizzy bat” tradition for rookies

* Fisher and the Rams welcomed the HS teams from the Ferguson-Florissant School District (McCluer and McCluer North). they used the indoor practice facility, and then attended the last Training Camp practice of the year.

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Jim Fadler’s Rams Training Camp Twitter Coverage: Aug. 20

Jim Fadler @ jimiramsboy

Usual suspects out early on the last day of #ramscamp

Tavon back out in the #1 Jersey today #ramscamp

Brockers and Saffold visible and dressed out. Looking for JL 55……#ramscamp

Special teams drills on the far field. Dline working on chopping the ball loose #ramscamp

Qb’s working on footwork….if Davis beats out Gilbert does it make sense to keep 3? #Ramscamp

JL55 working with trainer on the near field….he is working out I full gear #ramscamp

Conrath is not dressed out #ramscamp

Unit drills…Linebackers in front of me. JL55 full go so far #ramscamp

Very happy to see Matt Daniels out with the DB’s #ramscamp

Coach Williams on a pass defense drill…”that was horrible” And proceeds to show them how to do it #ramscamp

On far field Qb’ s and Wr’s working….TJ Moe with lots of drops #ramscamp

Coach Cecil played QB for linebacker drills while the younger Fisher ran Dback drills….#ramscamp

Last two days Jenkins has had two of his best days in camp this year so far #ramscamp

Cook actually looks good on a blocking rep…..this is our year #ramscamp

Harkey more than holding his own in blocking drills #ramscamp

Cook stymied Ogletree…..where has this been #ramscamp

Bayer gives up too much ground…gets beaten and smashes his helmet to the ground #ramscamp

Dunbar in cap egging on the linebackers #ramscamp

Skeleton pass drill on one end, blocking drill still going on the other end #ramscamp

On the other end Givens whips Joyner on a post #ramscamp

Now the big boys engage…Oline vs Dline #ramscamp

Travis Bond picks up where he left off…good rep. Grob keeps out Brockers #ramscamp

They might as well cut Hooey now #ramscamp

Eugene Sims who has been lighting up the rookies and camp bodies tries a cross over on Grob and almost ends up on his butt #ramscamp

Grob having a very good day in the match up drills #ramscamp

Travis Bond has definite promise….good balance, has some trouble when they dip inside him…But better than the rest #ramscamp

11 on 11 time…..they start with the run. I expect lots of run reps today #ramscamp

And the holes are not there so far for the backs #ramscamp

Cook lets a ball hit him in the back on a seam route #ramscamp

Gilbert’s accuracy off today #ramscamp

This kid Bobby Cowan can make somebody’s roster as a punter #ramscamp

Rams showing some timing slants….Sam just turns and fires to Britt #ramscamp

Cook with a great catch on a medium out….framed the ball well #ramscamp

You can see Bradford has developed a relationship with Quick that was not there before…stand together and talk more #ramscamp

Come on Coach Fisher….one carry for Chase in the regular season that’s all I ask……well not all #ramscamp

Punt return drills on the main field and Coach Cignetti working on foot work #ramscamp

Rams have brought in a high school team to simulate crowd noise…not sure where the team is from #ramscamp

We were all thinking it had to be Ferguson but we’re not sure…..very cool #ramscamp

Don’t have a percentage of time, but it seems Saffold got a majority of reps today #ramscamp

Hurry up offense drills…Bailey with a great catch on deep in route #ramscamp

The entire team is signing today for the fans…..looks like things are winding down.

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Rams Waive-Injured Isaiah Pead After Torn ACL –PFT

by Josh Alper

If any of the 31 teams not in St. Louis want to stash running back Isaiah Pead on their roster while he recovers from a torn ACL, they’ll have their chance.

Tom Pelissero of USA Today reports that the Rams have waived-injured Pead on Wednesday. Should Pead clear waivers, he can revert to the Rams and go on injured reserve for the entire season or reach an injury settlement that makes him a free agent.

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Rodger Saffold Says He’s Ready to Return –Wagoner

By Nick Wagoner

EARTH CITY, Mo. — When St. Louis Rams offensive lineman Rodger Saffold played a preseason game in his hometown of Cleveland last season, he suffered a shoulder injury.

As Saffold and the Rams head back to Saffold’s old stomping grounds for their third preseason game this year, Saffold looks poised to return from another shoulder injury.

“Of course I plan on playing,” Saffold said. “I’ve felt good for awhile. I know they want to be super cautious and that’s fine but I’ve been working since I got hurt, so really I just hope this transition back onto the field won’t be that big of a transition. I feel in shape, I feel rested. I’m good all the way around.”

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Rams Come in Last on Forbes’ List –Wagoner

By Nick Wagoner

EARTH CITY, Mo. — A year ago, the St. Louis Rams made the largest gains in Forbes’ annual rankings of the NFL’s most valuable franchises. In the newest version of those rankings, the Rams are worth more than they were a year ago but were surpassed by the rest of the league in total value.

With an uncertain stadium situation and a team that hasn’t had a winning season in a decade, the Rams checked in at No. 32 in the latest valuations from Forbes.

In this year’s valuations, the Rams’ estimated value comes in at $930 million. Earlier this year, that was enough to make the Rams the 45th most valuable franchise in all of sports according to Forbes. Of course, that simply speaks to the overall value of every NFL team.

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