Jared Goff Excited About Possibility of Being Rams QB –Bonsignore

Vincent Bonsignore

CHICAGO – Cal quarterback Jared Goff promises the Rams haven’t told him anything official yet about being the top pick in the NFL Draft on Thursday.

“Honest truth.” he said today at a Chicago-area event for local kids, hosted by the National Football League.

That said, it goes without saying Goff would embrace the chance to be the quarterback to lead the Rams back to Los Angeles.

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Jared Goff’s Rise from Marin to Cal to the Cusp of NFL Stardom

By Daniel Brown and Courtney Cronin,

NOVATO — Someone ought to warn Jared Goff’s future neighbors in Los Angeles or Philadelphia about his celebrations. After some Cal road victories, the quarterback would get home at 3 a.m., crank up the music and order his slumbering roommates to come join the fun.

After home games, it was a live show: Goff was known to invite the entire Cal marching band into the living room.

“They’d come into the house, Jared would hop onto the table. We would all hop on to chairs. And they would fill our whole room,” Bears receiver Raymond Hudson said.

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Free Safety, Depth at Cornerback on list of Rams’ Draft Needs –Wagoner

By Nick Wagoner

Next on the countdown is a look at this year’s crop of defensive backs.

In place: Trumaine Johnson, E.J. Gaines, T.J. McDonald, Maurice Alexander, Coty Sensabaugh, Lamarcus Joyner, Marcus Roberson, Eric Patterson, Troy Hill, Cody Davis, Christian Bryant

What’s needed: The Rams suffered big losses in their secondary this offseason as starters at corner and safety — Janoris Jenkins and Rodney McLeod — departed for the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively. That leaves big holes at both positions though it could have been worse at corner had the Rams not used the franchise tag to keep Johnson around. The Rams have Gaines ready to return from injury but there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to return to his rookie-season form. With that in mind, the Rams signed Sensabaugh to add some depth and he’ll compete with Gaines for the starting job opposite Johnson. Joyner returns as the nickelback, but coach Jeff Fisher has said he could get a look at free safety, which would allow Sensabaugh or Gaines to move into the slot.

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Jared Goff or Carson Wentz? NFL Insiders Cast Votes for the Draft’s Top QB –ESPN


By virtually every measure, the top two quarterbacks in the 2016 draft are Cal’s Jared Goff and North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz. The Rams, who last week traded up to snag the No. 1 pick, will meet with both Goff and Wentz ahead of next week’s draft.

But we’re not waiting until next week to make the decision the Rams have to make.

We asked 13 of ESPN’s NFL writers, analysts and front-office experts to pick the best quarterback in the draft, Goff or Wentz, and to explain why one of them is ahead on their draft board. The results are below, and you can cast your vote here.

Team Goff

Mel Kiper Jr., NFL Draft Analyst: Goff and Wentz both have tremendous upside, but it’s a passing league, and my preference is the guy who is the more advanced prospect in that area. Wentz offers a great physical profile, with size, movement skills and arm strength, but Goff comes with a more developed skill set where I need it most. He anticipates well, reads defenses, moves defenders with his eyes, can read the field, and throws strikes both underneath and down the field. It’s a close call, but I give a narrow edge to Goff at this point. What will be most important for each is where they land and how well they are coached up.

Mark Dominik, NFL Front Office Insider: I am a Goff guy. The areas where he needs to develop are all football-related. From a mechanics standpoint, he has the raw tools you look for in young quarterback prospects. Plus, his football intelligence and passion for the game are clear positives. Goff and Wentz can develop into good quarterbacks, but Wentz is in store for a much tougher transition than people realize.

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Pocket Presence, Performance Under Pressure Make Jared Goff Fit for Rams –Wagoner

By Nick Wagoner

BRISTOL, Conn. — On Tuesday night, our ESPN NFL Nation reporters participated in the now annual mock draft live on ESPN.

Despite my secret desire to create chaos at the top, I’m sure my selection of Cal quarterback Jared Goff with the first overall pick for the Los Angeles Rams surprised nobody who has been awake or living anywhere above the rocks for the past few weeks. For the record, as I’ve written, I would take North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz in the Rams’ position, but I believe they are going to take Goff, hence the pick.

To be sure, the Rams really like both Goff and Wentz. Coach Jeff Fisher told ESPN’s Shelley Smith that he believes Wentz will “play in a Super Bowl” before his career is over on the day the Rams moved from No. 15 to No. 1 in this year’s draft. Wentz’s size, athletic ability and intelligence are hard to ignore. Crazier things than the Rams taking Wentz have happened in the draft.

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League Insiders weigh-in on the Rams Top Pick –Sando

Mike Sando


Having five personnel evaluators from NFL teams project the top 10 picks in the 2016 NFL draft seemed like a good idea. It was a good idea. But as one hour on the phone with these seasoned pros turned into six, the possibilities began to seem endless. The possibilities almost are endless, even with the first two selections all but known. That is why thinking through the scenarios is so much more worthwhile than trying to guess what is just about impossible to guess.

1. Los Angeles Rams

Four votes: Jared Goff, QB, Cal
One vote: Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State

Minutes after the Rams acquired the top pick from Tennessee, reports surfaced suggesting Wentz was the player they were targeting. Then came word the Rams had not made a decision, followed by reports that Goff would be the likely choice at No. 1. The one vote for Wentz in this survey came from a personnel evaluator who wasn’t willing to discard the earliest reports.

“My take on it is someone with the Rams leaked it, and then all of a sudden they had to put the genie back in the bottle,” this evaluator said. “They could go either way, but it wouldn’t shock me if they went Wentz — not at all.”

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