Mike Mayock on Rich Eisen’s Podcast

Rich Eisen dials up our good pal Mike Mayock to get his thoughts on this year’s crop of collegiate athletes that are heading to Indianapolis for the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine.

Listen to Full Mayock Interview With Eisen
Mayock’s Segment Starts at 15:00 of Podcast

Some Mayock Highlights from Evan Silva’s Tweets:

Mike Mayock on Cordarrelle Patterson: “I put the tape on, my jaw dropped. He makes people miss all over the field

Mike Mayock on #Oregon DE/LB/Slot CB Dion Jordan: “6-foot-7, I think he can grow into a monster at defensive end or outside linebacker.”

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock compares #Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib to Andy Dalton, calls him “2nd- or 3rd-round guy.”

Mayock calls Chance Warmack the best player in the draft: “Best player I’ve seen on tape is the guard from #Alabama”

Mayock on 2013 Draft: Great depth but lacks explosive diff-makers. “Not sure the 5th pick is much better than 20th”

Here is Mike Mayock’s take on Geno Smith after studying 12 hours of West Virginia tape. “He makes me nervous.”

Mayock on 2013 QB draft class: “I couldn’t even pound the table today for a first-round quarterback. Let alone a (No. 1) pick quarterback.”

Mayock on Matt Barkley’s 2012 tape: “Made a bunch of bad decisions & throws, which is what I thought he wouldn’t do”


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