Kiper and McShay Talk Rams and the #2 Pick –Radio Interview

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay run through the team needs for picks 1 through 4 of the NFL Draft.  They talk about the WR’s in the draft and the Rams discussion starts at 10:45.  McShay talks about Sam Bradford and thinks he can be a good starter, while still having durability questions.  He goes on to talk about the mid to later round QB’s in this draft.  Kiper thinks the Rams should get an OT (after trading down) and a WR (Evans-after trading up).  The both think the Rams have playoff potential with a defense on the rise…on the verge of becoming exceptional.  The Rams discussion is 13 minutes long.

Listen to Kiper & McShay

Rams Discussion Starts at 10:45

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