John McClain Talks NFL Draft and the Rams –Radio Interview

Houston Texans beat writer John McClain joined Frank Cusumano to talk NFL Draft. He says the Texans would prefer to trade down, but if they don’t they’ll probably take Clowney. In his mock draft he had the Rams taking Matthews at #2. He’s known Fisher since 1994 and says he’s conservative. McClain said he’d be stunned if Fisher took a WR in the 1st round for the 2nd year in a row. He’s also known Greg Williams since 1990 and says Williams is the best addition they’ve made in the offseason. Anybody they take on defense will have to be tough physically and mentally to play for Williams. McClain says Pryor is a Fisher/Williams type of guy, but it’s too high to pick either safety at #13.

Listen to John McClain Talk Draft

McClain Starts at 6:50

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