Jeff Gordon’s Rams Chat Highlights: March 30

Gordon’s Chat Highlights

—I could see Fisher overruling everybody and grabbing Clowney if he is there.

—Good question. I suppose the Rams could pass on a WR in this draft and trust Britt to add competition to the incumbents, but taking a WR in the second round seems way more appealing. Sticking with the incumbents plus a retread would show a lot of faith in players still striving to become impact players.

—The Rams won’t know much about Long until much, much, MUCH closer to training camp. His best-case scenario had him recovering just in time to play the real games. Les Snead expressed optimism about Long’s recovery, but then again Les also indicated this team doesn’t have any big holes — which is hardly the case.

—Fisher suggested that could certainly happen. It was interesting to hear him characterize Robinson as somebody who would need time to develop at OT . . . or even move inside, ala Saffold.

—There is only one Clowney. There are three QBs better than the rest. Watkins appears to be better than other WRs and there are also two elite OTs.

—Trading out of the No. 2 pick and taking an OT has always been the sane call. Then the team could address safety at No. 13 overall.

—Pro days matter, because players often improve their times/performance. But then the individual workouts are the most important because the coaches get to dictate the testing. Pro day testing tends to be under highly favorable conditions for the players. Coaches like to take players out of their comfort zone to see what happens.

—Dix or Gilbert at #13? Dix. He is exactly what the Rams need in the secondary.

—Guys like Jackson get cut loose all the time. Lot of talent there, but some issues too. And now that he is deep into his career, teams must decided whether to play him big money or not. It will be interesting to see where he goes.

—The NFL is a violent sport. It attracts athletes who are more, um, hardy than some other sports. Also, the rosters are much bigger. That produces additional opportunity for trouble. But as the Cardinals have demonstrated, MLB players get in trouble too.

—The Rams seem optimistic about the knee surgery recoveries. But it’s early. We’ll know more in three months.

—Could Bradford do what Eli Manning and Joe Flacco did on otherwise great teams? Probably. The same goes for my favorite comparable for Sam, Matthew Stafford.

—Goodell can make it hard for a team to move, but he doesn’t have the unilateral power to stop any teams from moving. Buffalo is a good candidate due to the market/stadium.

—Fans tend not to look at free agency from the net loss/net gain level. The Rams aren’t adding much, but they aren’t losing much. And, yes, adding four or four impact guys would make a big difference. So will not having Clemens at QB.

—Kaep to get paid big? The man has won some postseason games at a young age. In a league that pays Cutler and Bradford, he gets paid too.


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