Jeff Fisher says of being able to run: ‘Everything spins off of that. –Balzer

Balzer: In a passing league, as Jeff Fisher said of being able to run: ‘Everything spins off of that.

By Howard Balzer for KSDK Sports

Immersed in all the hand-wringing after another journey Thursday night into the world of inept football, Rams coach Jeff Fisher said it as straight as possible after the game in his 240-word postgame press conference.

In his opening statement, which constituted 147 of the words he spoke, Fisher said, “Well, obviously as a football team, we have a lot to work out considering what’s happened in the last five days and we’re going to have to take advantage of some opportunities here through the weekend and early next week and try to get these issues fixed, namely our inability to run the football. We had two less carries than they did at halftime for no yards and that’s pretty much the issue we’re facing right now because everything spins off of that.”

Take note of those last five words: “Everything spins off of that.”

Rams Nation can be up in arms over the inconsistency of quarterback Sam Bradford … and the run defense … and the play of cornerback Cortland Finnegan … and the allegedly unimaginative play-calling.

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