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Have The Rams Lost A Step In The NFC West?

By Blaine Grisak

If you ever needed physical evidence that the NFC West was the best division in football, well today you have just that. The San Francisco 49ers will travel to Seattle to play the Seahawks, and for the second year in a row, an NFC West team will be playing in the Super Bowl.

That’s just the 49ers and Seahawks however, two of the most elite teams in the NFL. Having said that, it makes the job a lot tougher for the Rams and Cardinals who have to play them twice a year.

The Cardinals went 10-6 and still managed to miss the playoffs. Put that team in the NFC North or NFC East and the Cardinals would have easily made the playoffs.

The Rams on the other hand went 7-9 and haven’t seen the playoffs since 2004. After going 4-1-1 in the division just a year ago the they went 1-5 in the division.

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