Former Rams WR Issac Bruce talks with Simms & Lefkoe –Video

2:25 What does Isaac Bruce think about the Hall of Fame process?
4:20 Does the greatness of those Rams teams hide Bruce’s impact?
5:30 Isaac Bruce popped his hamstring before the NFC Championship game
8:30 Toughest guy that Isaac Bruce ever faced?
9:20 Toughest defenses Isaac Bruce ever faced?
10:00 Isaac Bruce breaks down the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots
11:40 Isaac Bruce hints at the Patriots cheating
15:00 Isaac Bruce says the Rams offense would’ve been better with Trent Green
16:00 When did Isaac Bruce know that he was going to be really good at football?
17:22 Isaac Bruce’s current relationship with the Rams organization
18:20 Isaac Bruce makes fun of Philadelphia
20:25 Isaac Bruce likes Keenan Allen a lot
20:55 Which WRs were Isaac Bruce’s heroes growing up?
23:50 Why athletes from Florida are the best
25:10 Gambling in the NFL
27:00 Can he see remnants of the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ in today’s game?
28:20 Simms and Bruce express their disdain for the screen pass
30:05 How refereeing has changed since Bruce stopped playing…
31:40 Isaac Bruce on Antonio Brown
32:10 Isaac Bruce on Julio Jones and Matt Ryan
33:55 Isaac Bruce on the Jacksonville Jaguars
34:35 Isaac Bruce’s Super Bowl prediction
35:20 Isaac Bruce’s MVP vote

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