Day 1 Senior Bowl Twitter Practice Reports

Senior Bowl Day 1 Practice Reports

(Tweets Listed in Reverse Order for Each Reporter)


Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks

I think I’m the only 1 that’s riding the fence on Chris Borland. Heard “I love that dude” a bunch and “good college player, bad pro” a bunch

ASU DT Will Sutton looked very lethargic and heavy legged.

Virginia DT Brent Urban plays too high but he’s got very strong hands. Looks like a 3-4 DE.

Liked Florida OG John Halapio as a JR… Struggled mightily as a SR. Really strong practice today. Looked more like the JR version.

La Tech DT Justin Ellis had a good week at the East/West Game and he had an excellent practice today. Also, he dropped 9 pounds in a week!

Auburn DE/OLB Dee Ford gets overpowered at times but he has an explosive get off in pass situations. Nice inside counter move too

Aaron Donald took batting practice against Cyril Richardson today.

CSU Center Weston Richburg is a solid player on tape and he had a good day today…Quick feet, balance and anchor.

Big fan of Northern Illinois safety Jimmie Ward. Lacks ideal size but he’s very instinctive and he has the fluidity to cover the slot.

Minnesota DT Ra’shede Hageman was very impressive at the weigh-ins. 6’6 318 lbs…no bad weight. He’s currently my 23rd rated player

Miami OT Seantrel Henderson looked the part this am- 6’6 7/8 331 lbs & his arms were 34 1/4. Talented player with off field baggage


Josh Norris ‏@JoshNorris

Justin Ellis should fill a similar role as Star played this year.

Justin Ellis continued to impress today. That train keeps on going. Don’t typecast him as a LOS NT.

I wasn’t paying as close attention to the South edge rushers, but loved what the North did with their “OLBs” in Sam & Marcus Smith. 1 on 1s.

Billy Turner is the real deal.

Cyril had no answers for Aaron Donald today. Very difficult matchup for him. As I wrote prior to the week, Brandon Thomas > Richardson.

Caraun Reid with a snap from 5. Outside in move to beat LT James.

Billy Turner will get yelled at for tech, but his functional strength is great. Like that he’s getting snaps at G too.

Dee Fords burst is ridiculous. And he flashed hand use and leverage this year.

All of Sutton’s movements have purpose. Wrist control. Lift. Outside step to get G to overset.

Actually, likely not Coopet

Jordan Matthews just struggled to separate vs Chris Davis. Jammed at the LOS. A bit of a grab by the CB

Hand use and leverage. That is Sutton’s foundation. Weight stuff has been used as a bit of a crutch, in my opinion

All the off coverage in one on ones. WRs running curls and slants.

I have no clue why they are putting Attaochu in space. This isn’t where he wins.

And when Jensen does shrug Attaochu forward, he drops it

Marcel Jensen cannot separate. Versus LBs or safeties. Straight line guy.

Lamin Barrow with an INT in one on ones vs Andrews

Not a surprise that McCullers is noticeably stiffer than all other DL on this squad.

Dane Brugler ‏@dpbrugler

Trent Murphy wasn’t impressive today. Strong concerns about where you play him in NFL. Not athletic enough for LB, not strong enough for DE?

Logan Thomas threw some strikes that hit the WRs numbers. But he also threw some that bounced/sailed past the WR. Consistently inconsistent

Tajh’s accuracy/ball placement was all over the place. He appeared to regress in this area in 2013. Tajh needs to bounce back on Tuesday

I’m going to try to not beat up on the North QBs too much, but they were tough to watch today (Tajh Boyd, Logan Thomas, Morris)

This SR class lacks a surefire 1st round WR, but I love the value guys in rounds 3-5 (Abbrederis, Herron, Huff, Grant, etc.)

Wasn’t in my review, but my guy Zach Martin had a very good practice at LT today. I still think he’s the best guard in this class though…

A player’s ability to respond to NFL coaching is a key component to this week. How do they respond in an unfamiliar setting? #SeniorBowl

The main takeaway from Monday’s #SeniorBowl practice: Isolate where prospects struggled and see if they improve on Tuesday/Wednesday

If Billy Turner can learn to sink and not bend so much at the waist, he has Pro Bowls in his future #SeniorBowl

Zack Martin is my top OL prospect in Mobile but NDSU OL Billy Turner might be my No. 2. Powerful hands and mean. Love this kid #SeniorBowl

One thing I really appreciate about C Gabe Ikard is he’s always talking to the coaches and asking questions. Nonstop last week and this week

Halapio struggling to sustain in drills bc he doesn’t move his feet and ends up on the ground. He’s getting extensive coaching today

If Billy Turner learns how to sink and not bend at the waist, he has a long NFL career ahead of him #SeniorBowl

OL bag footwork drills: Wesley Johnson with the quickest feet


Tony Pauline ‏@TonyPauline

Very impressed by Trent Murphy/Stanford today.

Zach Martin/OL/Notre Dame does not look the part yet blocks everything at left tackle.

Packers scout “based on what I’m seeing Tahj Boyd is not draftable”

Aaron Donald/Pittsurgh outquicked Cyril Richardson/Baylor on one play then pancaked him to the ground on next drawing wows from scouts

Chris Borland/LB/Wisconsin just keeps making play after play after play.

Shamar Stephen/DL/UConn showing impressive power.

Michael Sam/Missouri cannot get off blocks.

Aaron Donald/DL/Pittsburgh made mince meat of Cyril Richardson/Baylor in one-on-one twice.

Trent Murphy/Stanford looking big and strong at DE. Holding up well. Just made a nice takeaway.

Kain Colter/WR/N’Western looking good at receiver. Smoked Isaiah Lewis.

Jordan Matthews/WR/Vanderbilt dropping a lot of passes in practice.

Adrian Hubbard/LB/Alabama look like a b-ball player in drills. Very smooth and fluid. Easy moving around field.

Daniel McCullers/DT/Tennessee looks awful in drills. Slow and sluggish.

Gabe Ikard/Oklahoma, lining up at guard next to Travis Swanson.

Billy Turner/North Dakota St lined up at right tackle in opening drills.


Matt Miller ‏@nfldraftscout

If asked to pick one player who really dominated today, it’d be Pitt DT Aaron Donald. But, that’s what he did all year too.

Had a great conversation with @CJLaBoy about his client Robert Herron. Kid is a very impressive athlete. Under-used at Wyoming.

Minnesota DT Hageman really impressed me today. Violent. Did a good job exploding low. Needs to get free better as a pass rusher, but wow.

Miami QB Stephen Morris noticeably worse than Boyd and Thomas as a Passer today. Not fluid, no placement.

A few standouts from today: Dee Ford, Aaron Donald, Aaron Colvin, Walt Aiken, Kyle Van Noy, Derek Carr, Ahmad Dixon. @seniorbowl

Aaron Donald showing great quickness off the ball. Three tech is his money maker.

Practice is over, but Derek Carr is still throwing to Jordan Matthews. Only two guys on the field.

Jalen Saunders drops a pass and immediately does ten push ups.

See Ford is embarrassing the other DL in drills. Weaving through dummies and exploding.

Montana LB Jordan Tripp is super athletic. Dominating drills.

Carr looks good rolling right and throwing to the sidelines. Lot of zip on throws even while moving.


Todd McShay ‏@McShay13

Some Sr Bowl standouts IMO from today: Pitt DT Aaron Donald, NEB CB Jean-Baptiste, ORE CB J. Huff, Min DT Hageman, OSU OT Mewhort.


Eric Galko ‏@OptimumScouting

I haven’t seen all of practice and he hasnt been perfect, but seeing Logan Thomas during practice, you can see why a team may take him Day 2

Chris Borland won’t let other guys make plays or get to the RB on the outside. He’s been too active. Selfish. #sarcasm

Oregon WR Josh Huff so far: Getting off press, explosive vertically, and a very nice double move that was just over thrown.

Logan Thomas, Seantrel Henderson are two guys that, if they really wanted it+ developed, could be Top 5 picks. Flashes/size/talent all there

Stephen Morris being his gunslinging usually self. Flashes deep velocity/control, yet over throws on short hitch, near high INT on deep in.

So far,so good. Great make-up speed/length until he’s polished in limited practice. RT @IanKenyonNFL: I’m intrigued by Stanley Jean-Baptiste

#SeniorBowl South practice winners: DE Chris Smith, OLB Kyle Van Noy, DE Dee Ford, CB Aaron Colvin, RB A. Andrews, and OLB Jordan Tripp.

I’ll stop talking about Kyle Van Noy, but he’s really impressed throughout. He’s been a Top 20 guy for us all year. Showcasing it now.

So far, Kyle Van Noy has been top LB in each drill. Picking up RBs, physical/tight with TEs, looking balanced throughout. #SeniorBowl

That’s now 3 times I’ve seen Fales or Carr throw earlier than Garoppolo in terms of deciding when to throw, but Garoppolo’s get there sooner

Garoppolo’s release is really impressive in terms of quickness. Solid velocity, but his quickness makes it go from hand to WR even faster.

Kyle Van Noy has the most composed, naturally balanced LBs here so far. Smooth hands catcher, composed feet thus far. Jordan Tripp solid too

I’m focusing on QBs, RBs/TEs, and LBs today. Fales has least velocity of 3 QBs clearly, but plus OTM footwork. #SeniorBowl

FYI: If you’re a website, radio show, or reporter looking for notes/spots/updates while I’m in Mobile, shoot me a message. Happy to help.

BYU’s Kyle Van Noy was under-appreciated in 2013. Still a worthy Top 20 pick if team’s can maximize versatility. #SeniorBowl

Said it in my #SeniorBowl preview, but GT OLB Jeremiah Attaochu could become Top 10-15 pick with big week. And I think he will as a rusher.


Ryan Lownes ‏@ryanlownes

Glanced over at the South trenches briefly & saw Chris Smith destroy Ja’waun James (I believe it was) w/an inside spin move.

Neither of the FSU LBs were particularly impressive today. Jones a bit stiff, would’ve liked to see Telvin Smith catch the ball cleaner.

Far from a big name, but Fresno TE Marcel Jensen failed to impress today. He’s going to have a hard time getting separation at the next lvl.

Absolutely. You’d be hard-pressed to me otherwise. RT @JinxFootball: What happened today in Mobile means 100% of what translates on Sundays.

Jimmy Garoppolo had his moments, both good and bad. Looking quick, fluid in his movement and dropping dimes on a few throws downfield…

Carr, on the other hand, looked head & shoulders above the other South QBs. Live arm. Was accurate, confident, looked the part today.

Fales had a rough outing, to put it lightly. Struggled to push the ball downfield and underthrew his man on multiple occasions.

Some of the disappointments, however, stood out a bit more. Biggest names being San Jose State QB David Fales and Baylor’s Cyril Richardson.

A few players that stole the show today included Fresno State QB Derek Carr, Pitt DT Aaron Donald, and Minnesota Ra’Shede Hageman.

Absolutely, tough to put a positive spin on skipping this week. AJ McCarron a “healthy scratch” that isn’t a projected 1st Rd pick.

If you need measurements or want my notes on any particular player, just ask. Once again, honor to be here representing @draftbreakdown

It’s important to keep in mind that these weigh-in impressions don’t always correlate to on-field success or failure. Just my notes.

A couple more on the South team that impressed me, that I forgot to mention earlier: BYU WR Cody Hoffman and Auburn LB Dee Ford.

Orangutan arms. RT @AllbrightNFL: For those asking, I’m 5100 165, hands 9 1/4 , 33 arms.

Some big school DBs were underwhelming: LSU’s Craig Loston 6’0 3/8″ 214 and FSU’s Terrence Brooks 5’11” 197 both had very little definition.

Alabama’s Adrian Hubbard was sloppy despite weighing in at 6’5 7/8″ 255. Man boobs with a bit of a gut and skinny legs.

San Jose State’s David Fales looked a little like one of the kickers/punters. 6’1 3/8″ 220 with very little definition.

FSU C Bryan Stork looked like a rugby house party animal at 6’3 1/2″ 306 with relatively short, 31″ arms.

Now for some of the bad bodies on the South team…

Can’t tweet weigh-in results without mentioning Tennessee’s Daniel McCullers at 6’6 6/7″ 348 with 35 5/8″ arms and a 85 1/2″ wingspan.

While Telvin Smith was slightly disappointing, teammate Christian Jones was impressive at 6’3 3/8″ 234. He certainly passed the eye test.

More on the South squad: Vanderbilt WR Jordan Matthews at 6’2 5/8″ 209 was cut with great muscle definition. He could make some $ this week.

A pair of 3-4 OLBs impressed, Georgia Tech’s Jeremiah Attaochu 6’3 1/4″ 252 and Arkansas’ Chris Smith 6’1 1/8″ 266 with 34 1/8″ arms.

FSU LB Telvin Smith was set to walk off stage before stepping on the scale, when he weighed in at 218 I wondered if it was a deliberate move

Now, over to the South side where there were some more bad bodies – but a couple freaks mixed in along the way.

Now, over to the South side where there were a few more bad bodies – but still some that impressed.

On the other end of the spectrum, Miami QB Stephen Morris, UCLA LB Jordan Zumwalt, Va Tech DE James Gayle were slightly disappointing.

Pitt DT Aaron Donald was a somewhat pleasant surprise at 6’0 7/8″ 288. Undersized, but was listed at 6’0 285. Should dominate this week.

More on the North: Missouri OLB/DE Michael Sam was barrel chested, defined, & powerfully built at 6’1 5/8″ 260 lbs with 33 1/4″ arms.

Other weigh-in winners on the North squad were a pair of Pac-12 WRs UCLA’s Shaq Evans at 6’0 3/4″ 210 and Oregon’s Josh Huff 5’11” 201.

NORTH: West Virginia RB Charles Sims 5’11 1/2″ 214 and Baylor S Ahmad Dixon at 5’11 1/2″ 205 were very chiseled and impressive.

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