Bernie’s Draft Bytes: Fisher Declares War on NFC West

• Bernie Miklasz

As if anyone needed to be reminded, the Rams are coach Jeff Fisher’s team. He’s completely in charge of their fate. He’s building the roster in a way that matches his core football beliefs. He doesn’t care what you want. He doesn’t care what I want. He doesn’t care what we think. And that’s fine. This is his show.

Fisher wants a team that will line up and knock you down. A team that will run the ball, stop the run, and invade the quarterback’s pocket. A team that will do everything within its power (and perhaps outside the boundaries of sportsmanship) to win the physical battles up front, and on both sides of the ball. A team that inflicts more pain and suffering than it absorbs.

Coach Fisher finds himself in a grim battle in the NFC West, and he realized he needed more tanks for his 2014 pushback against the Seahawks, 49ers and Cardinals. So he went for the reinforcements. He didn’t think big … but he went big.

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