Rams QB Jared Goff Carpool Chats About Being a Ram –Video

Ride along with QB Jared Goff and player engagement director La’Roi Glover through the streets of Los Angeles. Goff talks about his draft experience and what he’s looking forward to as the Rams QB.

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Rams Go for Offense on Day 3 of the NFL Draft

By Jim Thomas St. Louis Post-Dispatch 
Paper thin on the depth chart at wide receiver and tight end, the Rams went in an obvious direction on Day 3 of the NFL draft.

They used four of their five picks on offense, selecting two wide receivers and two tight ends. Even the outlier in the group, Kentucky linebacker Josh Forrest, began his college career at wide receiver before switching to defense.

“Well, it’s all in an effort to expand our offense,” coach Jeff

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Rams Add Offensive Weapons on Day 3 of the Draft

By Myles Simmons

Anytime a team’s draft begins with a quarterback at No. 1 overall pick, that pick is going to win the majority of the headlines.

But starting and ending with Jared Goff does not tell the whole story of the 2016 NFL Draft for the L.A. Rams. The club turned its four remaining selections into five through a trade with the Chicago Bears, and ended the final day of the draft with two tight ends, two wide receivers, and a linebacker.

“We feel like we had a very productive day today. Really excited about the way things went,” head coach Jeff Fisher said. “Obviously, as you look, offense was the priority for us.”

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Here’s How the Rams, Titans Made out from the Blockbuster Jared Goff Trade

By Will Brinson | NFL Writer

Before the 2016 NFL Draft kicked off we saw two massive trades happen in order for teams at the top of the draft to acquire quarterbacks.

The Rams traded up to No. 1 and selected Jared Goff, while the Eagles traded up to No. 2 and took Carson Wentz. The most important aspects of these draft-day trades will be the development of the quarterbacks. If they’re “franchise quarterback” the deal was great.

For now we’re left to compare the haul from the two trades.

We already took a deep dive into the Philadelphia-Cleveland swap that netted the Eagles Carson Wentz. Let’s do the same with the Jared Goff trade.

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Aside from Jared Goff, which Rams Pick is Most Intriguing?

By Nick Wagoner


Mark Warren ‎@MarkWarren_39
@nwagoner Other than Goff, which prospect drafted by the Rams are you most looking forward to seeing play?

@nwagoner: Honestly, I just want to see if any of the four pass-catchers they added on the draft’s final day can come in and help the offense right away. There’s talent in that quartet, and Pharoh Cooper is the guy that looks the most ready to contribute from the slot immediately. I’m curious to see how the Rams integrate him because his film from South Carolina bears some resemblance to Tavon Austin in how the Gamecocks used him. He’s an exciting player and a former quarterback who even threw the ball a few times in college.

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